Step Up To Quality

Agape 5 Stars Step Up To Quality

What Is Step Up To Quality?

Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) is Ohio’s tiered quality rating and improvement system in place for learning and development programs that provides parents a tool when selecting quality early childhood programs for their children. There are four levels of standards for early learning domains of Step Up To Quality. These consist of learning and development, administrative and leadership practices, staff qualifications and professional development and family and community partnerships.

Step Up To Quality Means:

  • Proven trained teachers
  • Focus on school readiness skills
  • Dedication to continuous improvement
  • Emphasis on family engagement

Reach For The Stars

Agape Academy is amongst the 5-star Step Up To Quality programs. Achieving this honor means at Agape Academy, we demonstrate a high level of quality of care and education. As a 5-star program, we are committed to keeping our child-to-staff ratios low, creating smaller group sizes, hiring highly trained teachers and staff members, focusing on-going specialized training and continuously improving the the quality of our center through various methods.