Preschool Curriculum

Our Premier program is available for preschoolers from 3-5 years. In our program your preschoolers focus is School Readiness. During this time we will focus directly on the current Ohio Standards and Guidelines so that your child has the necessary tools as they continue their love of learning journey! We have highly experienced teachers who understand the importance of School Readiness and who will guide your child, partnering with you the parent for their success.

We understand and value the high need for parents to feel comfortable with leaving their preschoolers with persons other than family and we are extending our hands to you, in hopes of becoming a part of your extended family.

During the initial 30 days your preschooler will receive an Ages and Stages Assessment based on information you’ve shared and what they are displaying in a social environment with other infants of various ages. You will receive a copy of your child’s assessment and have opportunity to establish a meet time with teachers to go over the assessment and plan out the learning experience for your child based on our curriculum calendar. This assessment is repeated quarterly through daily observations and placed in our Agape Academy journey binders.

Preschoolers will explore a number of learning opportunities: Math and Science, Reading and Literacy, Social Studies and Technology, Music, Movement and Art.

Preschool Sample Schedule

5am – 6am: Arrival/Rest

6am – 7:30am: Teacher’s Choice

7:30am – 8am: Hand Washing/Restroom Break

8am – 8:30am: Group Meeting/Discuss Today’s Events

8:30am – 9am: Breakfast

9am – 10am: Children’s Choice (Teacher Observation)

10am – 10:30am: Small Group Play (Indoor/Outdoor)

10:30am – 11am: Reading/Writing/Literacy

11am – 11:30am: Arts/Dramatic Play/Music

11:30am -11:45am: Hand Washing/Restroom Break

11:45am – 12:30pm: Lunch

12:30pm – 2:30pm: Nap/Rest Period

2:30pm – 3pm: Hand Washing/Restroom Break

3pm – 3:15pm: Afternoon Snack

3:15pm – 4pm: Group Reading

4pm – 4:30pm: Small Group Play (Indoor/Outdoor)

4:30pm – 5pm: Arts/Dramatic Play/Music

5pm – 6pm: Children’s Choice (Teacher Observations)

6pm – 6:15pm: Hand Washing/Restroom Break

6:15pm – 6:45pm: Dinner

6:45pm – 8pm: Teacher’s Choice

Preschool to Junior Kindergarten Transition

The transition from Preschool to Junior Kindergarten is very similar to the transition we see in the younger rooms. There will be a few differences in the program and education however the routines and management should be very familiar to your child.

As with many transitions, the more communication you can have with your child’s new teachers, the better. The Junior Kindergarten children are at the age of absolute exploration and our teachers act as their ultimate guide!

Transitions to Expect:

  • Stronger focus on kindergarten readiness (aligned with Ohio standards)
  • Learning of literacy skills including sight words, recognition of alphabets and phonics skills
  • Preparing for math readiness through problem solving, number recognition, counting and patterns/grouping


This is one of the methods to reinforce key learnings from circle time. This also provides a method for our preschool child to demonstrate responsibility and accountability.