Our Classroom Promises

1. We promise to love our children beyond ourselves.

2. We promise to change diapers / bathroom breaks every two hours from the time of arrival or as needed.

3. We promise we will keep our children’s faces and noses clean throughout the day.

4. We promise we will wash our hands and our children’s hands at meal times, bathroom breaks diaper changes, after each use of gloves and when we observe it.

5. We promise our children’s clothes will be kept clean or changed when they are soiled.

6. We promise to use kind words and gentle hands when correcting behavior.

7. We promise the safety and security of our children will always be our priority.

8. We promise to greet you and our children daily.

9. We promise our lines of communication are ALWAYS open for you and our children.

10. We promise you and our children will aways receive the best care and education.